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2022Brand Identity
When it's time to loosen the tie, let the hair down and put on the red lipstick - then Shuffle Group is ready. Since 2006, they've dedicated themselves to entertainment – ​​on stage, in the glass and on the plate.

Shuffle Group


A long lasting partnership with the head of entertainment group based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Shuffle group is the creator of Port Du Soleil, cheri-lee, eight & excet and our mission is to maintain, create and bring our expertise to all units involving branding, digital content, entertainment and more, like the shuffle way!

Eight Nightclub

“People Like You Need Places Like This”.
The nightclub gives an extraordinary ‘living room’ feeling and is one of Gothenburgs most popular places to be at. The marketing plan has a variety of edgy yet classy reminders mixed with graphic content.

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A Grande Dame, a legendary business with roots in the happy 90s. By creating a playful and wide/sweeping profile aimed towards the cheer(s)full guest we have been happy stewards, (since 2018,) of maintaining their audience. Here people have danced, met and created memories all these years. It is with great humility that we want to continue to provide digital content to this magical place for future generations of clubbers.


Creative Direction
Ali Haghighi
Art Direction
Aras Parashpar & Benjamin Jayakoddy
Aras Parashpar
2022Brand Identity