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Hybrid creative agency
GiGi Agency is a multi-marketing agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We help companies with digital media, websites, events and experiences for short- and long-term campaigns.

Digital Marketing Service

We create websites, digital marketing products, digital strategies & SEO-ready responsive websites


We create stories without limits with the best possible customer experience. Anyone can have good ideas and a big vision. Realizing them is harder. We solve the puzzle and crystallize the picture.

Where creativity meets experience

Branding & Design

We help you stand out among your industry colleagues through an appealing graphic profile that helps you in the short and long term.

Package & merch

We find unique solutions and clear profiling in accordance with your guidelines from your profile.

Our Team


Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have access to a team of creative and unique talents. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on complex problems, our team’s composition enables us to deliver impactful value to our clients’ marketing initiatives in a unique and imaginative way. We are always curious about new talented profiles. Might be the one? You know where to find us.

  • Ali Haghighi
    Creative Director / Partner
  • Aras Parashpar
    Art Director / Web / Partner
  • Philip Wandhammar
    Graphic Designer / Junior 3d artist

Our Clients


A unique selection of partnered brands that are ready to open the creativity jar.